Groupe Berkem, an active player in the transition of treatments

In their daily environment, people, raw materials and food need to be protected from pathogens, microbes, viruses, insects, molds and climatic deterioration.

For decades, the protection and maintenance of materials, public and rural hygiene, pest control, and agriculture sectors have relied on several solutions derived from synthetic chemistry.

By combining plant-based chemistry with conventional chemistry, Groupe Berkem offers innovative solutions using plant-based active ingredients to guarantee long-lasting efficacy.

Booster végétal dans erlenmeyer

Groupe Berkem's solutions

Solutions for public, rural and professional hygiene

Formulated products or plant-based plant-based boosters designed for the public, rural and professional hygiene industries. Groupe Berkem offers solutions to meet changing environmental regulations in the fight against bacterial and pest infestations.


Solutions for crop protection

Targeted action on the disease, on the environment or technology for reducing synthetic inputs thanks to plant-based boosters…Groupe Berkem offers many efficient solutions integrating plant chemistry to protect crops against aggression.


Wood preservation solutions

A range of products for the preventive and curative treatment of wood against external aggressions (UV, humidity, biological agents…) for both applicators and manufacturers.

Wood preservation 

Solutions for pest control

Complete solutions for termite control (films, baits and treatments) for applicators and manufacturers treatments) or pest control. Major innovations reducing the content of conventional biocides.

Pest control

Committed to the environment

Reducing the environmental impact of pest control treatments is one of the major challenges facing sectors such as hygiene, agriculture and wood preservation.

Addressing both the industrial market and professional treatment to the general public, Groupe Berkem maintains a demanding level of performance in its formulations, while reducing environmental impact.

Its R&D department is constantly innovating, exploiting the natural properties of plants to offer its customers products and technologies that meet their needs technologies capable of accelerating the transition to low-impact products while preserving their performance.

Technicienne R&D

NOVATERM®: plant-based booster and technology

A connected termite bait to optimize applicator work sites a new anti-termite bait that reduces conventional biocide active substance thanks to a plant-based booster.


Services tailored to professionals in the protection and embellishment of woodwork

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