Crawling and flying insect control

Carried out by pest control professionals, disinsectization consists in eliminating a pest population.  Crawling insects (such as cockroaches, ants and fleas) and flying insects (such as mosquitoes, flies and hornets) are particularly feared for the health risks they pose. The use of appropriate insecticides is essential to treat and prevent their reappearance.

Challenges for pest control professionals

Pest control is highly regulated. This activity requires the use of biocidal products to eliminate the pest population. At a time when environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, this sector is looking for solutions that combine respect for the environment, human health and product efficiency.

SYNERKEM® technology, an alliance between plants and efficiency

The SYNERKEM® technology, developed by Groupe Berkem, significantly reduces the content of biocidal active substances. Its use in formulations helps meet the industry’s health and regulatory challenges while maintaining optimal product efficacy.

Extrait végétal dans une formulation chimique

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