Plant protection products

Plant protection products are used to protect plants against weeds, diseases, pests and other harmful organisms. Depending on the mode of action, they can be insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, nematicides or acaricides. These products are made up of active substances designed to protect cultivated plant species against pests and diseases, in order to improve yields.

Issues surrounding phytosanitary products

The application of plant protection products, such as pesticides, is governed by strict regulations designed to regulate their use. Given the need for farmers to produce on a massive scale to meet the world’s food requirements, manufacturers are looking for crop protection solutions with low environmental impact.

SYNERKEM® technology adapted to the challenges of the crop protection market

Groupe Berkem offers an innovative solution to help manufacturers meet the ecological, health and regulatory challenges they face. Thanks to its know-how, its knowledge of plants and its controlled sourcing Groupe Berkem has the resources to extract active plant molecules capable of boosting a product’s chemical active ingredients. This solution, called SYNERKEM®, aims to accelerate the transition of manufacturers by controlling the right level of pesticides and phytosanitary products in their formulas, while guaranteeing optimum efficacy.

The application of this technology is perfectly suited to the challenges faced by the crop protection industry. For this reason, Groupe Berkem supports customers in adapting this technology to their products, from the R&D stages through to industrial implementation.

Extrait végétal dans une formulation chimique

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