Groupe Berkem has developed SYNERKEM®, an innovative technology that supports industrial suppliers to the agricultural sector. Groupe Berkem offers a plant sourcing service, with the capacity to supply ingredients and active ingredients whose traceability and excellent quality guarantee effective formulas that respect the agricultural sector.

Agricultural market challenges

To maintain an optimal level of agricultural production while reducing environmental impact, two levers are activated to control crop attacks (diseases, fungi, insects, bacteria…).

  • Biocontrol makes it possible to act on attacks by providing solutions based on living organisms. The aim is to use phytosanitary products that have little or no impact on the environment.
  • Biostimulation consists in providing plants with the means to defend themselves by their own means.

Groupe Berkem offers its expertise to help agricultural manufacturers reduce their environmental impact by proposing two solutions:

  • Supply of plant-based ingredients
  • Development of plant-based boosters for existing formulations

Groupe Berkem helps manufacturers in the agricultural market to design effective products while meeting the environmental objectives imposed by regulations, which are tending more and more towards agroecology.

Agriculture: SYNERKEM® technology and plant supply

Groupe Berkem offers its innovative SYNERKEM® technology, the fruit of its plant expertise and R&D concepts. It represents an innovative response to environmental and health challenges, since it enables a significant reduction in chemical inputs such as certain biocides in certain chemical formulas, while maintaining product efficacy. SYNERKEM® technology is used in the formulation of products that act on the entire life cycle of the crop: from plant growth to crop storage.

Groupe Berkem also has a sourcing team dedicated to finding plants with precise quality guarantees. These plant-derived substances can then be incorporated directly into formulas.

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