Seeds and grains protection solutions

The risks of pathogen development can occur both before and after planting. The presence of viruses, fungi, bacteria or insects has a direct impact on the harvest and, depending on its severity, can cause total crop loss. Cereals (such as wheat, barley, oats and corn) and protein crops (such as lentils, peas and beans) are particularly affected by these attacks. Protective measures are essential to ensure optimal crop growth and storage. To limit the undesirable effects caused by the appearance of pests and diseases, several treatments can be considered, depending on the infection encountered.

  • Fungicide treatment – can be applied to seed or grain. Depending on the nature of the fungus and its virulence, contamination can even spread to the soil, which would condemn the entire harvest. To guard against this risk, preventive or curative seed and/or grain treatments can be used to limit the appearance of fungi.
  • Insecticide treatment – this can also be applied to seed or grain before or after harvest. During sowing, the development of insects (such as aphids, flies and wireworms) leads to a drop in harvest quality and a reduction in yield. During grain storage, certain families of insects are known to thrive exclusively in silos (such as Lepidoptera and Coleoptera). Preventive or curative  disinsectisation can be considered to limit the invasion of pests.

Market challenges

The use of plant protection products such as fungicides and insecticides is governed by various regulations. These are designed to support sustainable agriculture. The agricultural market is faced with a dual challenge: that of yield, but also that of reducing its impact on the environment.

SYNERKEM®, a high-performance, reasoned technology

To meet these two challenges, the SYNERKEM® technology developed by Groupe Berkem is an innovative solution. As a plant-based chemistry industrialist, the Group has acquired a know-how in the field of plants (from sourcing of raw materials to the design of innovative solutions), which has enabled it to develop SYNERKEM® technology.

SYNERKEM® acts as a plant-based booster, resulting in a significant reduction in the active substance content of plant protection products. This solution enables professionals to meet the environmental challenges imposed by regulations, while maintaining the effectiveness of their products.

Extrait végétal dans une formulation chimique

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