Insecticide and wood fungicide product range

When the diagnosis has been carried out and the causes identified, curative treatment is essential to deal with the biological agents responsible for the deterioration. Professional solutions from the XILIX® insecticide and fungicide range provide long-lasting treatment and protection against wood attack.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

Insecticide and fungicide treatment of wood: Groupe Berkem’s bio-based solutions

The wood construction sector is booming, responding to users’ desire for durable, aesthetic and environmentally-friendly materials.
Against this backdrop, Groupe Berkem’s research teams naturally chose to develop bio-based solutions. Faced with the predicted shortage of fossil raw materials such as gas, oil and coal, the Group, true to its values as an invested industrialist concerned with the future, has developed sustainable, high-performance solutions for protecting wood and its derivatives.

For example, the XILIX® range of microemulsion insecticides and fungicides is mainly formulated from biomass-derived raw materials.

Reliable, customized solutions

For nearly 60 years, Groupe Berkem has been formulating material preservation products for building professionals, with a commitment to making materials last, especially wood and its derivatives. The formulated solutions can be preventive or curative, depending on the desired treatment.
Whether gel, liquid or concentrate, each formulation is specific to the characteristics of the substrate and its degradation agents. Wood treatment products, for example, provide the right targeted treatment for attacked wood. It ensures resistance to the appearance of wood-boring insects, fungi and/or termites. The same applies to roofs (fungicide, algicide treatment) and facades (micro-organism treatment).

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