Anti-termite solutions

Groupe Berkem, a recognized player in the field of pest control, has developed a complete range of anti-termite solutions to be able to intervene before, during and after construction. It is therefore aimed at both manufacturers and applicators working with private customers. The Synerkem® technology, the fruit of Groupe Berkem R&D, has been incorporated into some of our anti-termite formulas to meet environmental challenges.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

Pre-construction anti-termite solutions

With the TERMIFILM® technology, Groupe Berkem has a preventive, effective and long-lasting solution against termites. TERMIFILM® is the first patented physico-chemical barrier against termites. It is placed between the ground and the building when the foundations are laid.
TERMIFILM® prevents infestation and structural weakening of buildings. It prevents termites from gaining access to masonry, pipes or drains.

TERMIFILM® FLEX is a perimeter barrier against termites. It is placed at potential passage points between the building to be protected
and the ground.

TERMIFUGE K, part of the TERMIFILM® range, provides preventive, pre-construction termite protection for buried or semi-buried concrete structures, waterproofing of concrete substructures and corrosion protection. Formulated with SYNERKEM® technology, the product’s biocide content is reduced by 50% in this formulation, while maintaining the same level of performance.

Post-construction anti-termite solutions

As a specialist in curative solutions against termite invasion, Groupe Berkem has developed 2 barrier solutions that applicators and treatment professionals can rely on.
A major innovation, the NOVATERM® Bait System revolutionizes the approach to termite control by offering a thoughtful, cohesive product. For its part, XILIX® TERMISOL BS is an effective and proven injection formulation for floors and walls.

NOVATERM® is a connected anti-termite bait system that benefits from a synergy between plant-based and conventional chemistry. Thanks to it plant-based booster, the NOVATERM® system is an efficiant anti-termite bait, enabling the rational use of pesticides. Based on the biology of the termite, NOVATERM® guarantees total elimination of the colony and encourages limited use of pesticides.
In the age of integrated pest management, the technological innovation embodied in NOVATERM® anti-termite stations improves the daily lives of professionals. 24/7 remote monitoring alerts you in near real time to termite intrusion on site. Thanks to its 24/7 connected monitoring technology, professionals can manage their business more serenely and proactively through immediate intervention and targeted use of baiting. The bait can also be installed as a preventive treatment against termites.



XILIX® TERMISOL BS can be used to treat both masonry and floors. This creates a double barrier that protects an entire building from subterranean termites. XILIX® TERMISOL BS is so effective because its formula includes two biocidal molecules that repel subterranean termites. Formulated with 80% plant-based raw materials, these unique properties make them highly effective and reduce the risk of termite resistance.



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