Biocontrol methods

Biocontrol is an integral part of agroecology, which involves exploiting ecosystems to design original agricultural production systems. Plant protection products, designed according to the principle of biocontrol, are based on managing the balance of the pest population rather than destroying it. Various biocontrol methods exist to ensure the protection and proper development of plants during cultivation:

  • Macro-organisms – such as insects, mites and nematodes that act against pest attacks.
  • Micro-organisms – such as fungi, viruses and bacteria that act against pests and diseases.
  • Semiochemicals – such as pheromones, which modify insect behavior through mating disruption and trapping.
  • Natural substances – these are found in the natural environment and can be of plant (pelargonic acid), animal (ladybug larvae) or mineral (kaolin) origin.

All these resources can be used as substitutes for pesticides, acting as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

The challenges of biocontrol

The development of biocontrol products is governed by a number of regulations which, to encourage their use, benefit from specific and accelerated procedures compared with conventional plant protection products. Ultimately, biocontrol combined with other technologies will offer alternatives to conventional plant protection products, for the well-being of people, the environment and animals.

SYNERKEM® the technology adapted to the challenges of biocontrol products

Drawing on its know-how and knowledge of the plant world, Groupe Berkem has developed SYNERKEM® technology. Its aim is to speed up the transition of manufacturers by reducing the biocides or phytosanitary content of their formulas, while guaranteeing optimum product efficacy. The solutions proposed for the biocontrol products industry are as follows:

  • The addition to formulations of SYNERKEM® technology , which reduces the quantity of biocidal active substances while maintaining the product’s initial efficacy.
  • Supply of plant-based ingredients for formulations with transparent sourcing and excellent raw material quality.
Extrait végétal dans une formulation chimique

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