Faced with the healthy, ecological and regulatory challenges impacting actors in the hygiene sector, Groupe Berkem offers specifically adapted solutions, whether through formulated products or plant-based booster solutions designed to reduce the content of conventional chemicals.

Rural hygiene: vector and pest control

No matter the the type of agriculture or livestock farming practised, insects can cause major problems in the sector, particularly in terms of plant maintenance, for a number of reasons. The presence of pests can have a significant impact on product quality and cause considerable yield loss. In addition to this damage, it can also have serious consequences for animal welfare and cause extensive damage to equipment.

Récoltes agricoles

Pests of all kinds

Among these pests, red lice, fleas and whipworms are healthy carriers of many undesirable germs. Food insects, also known as stored product insects (SPIs), include a large number of species, including flour beetles, food pests, dried fruit pests, and grain weevils. Despite their small size, these insects are capable of getting into storage areas and infesting all kinds of foodstuffs such as dried fruit, flour, bread, cereals, seeds and even tobacco.

Considered a real health risk, these food insects are one of the main concerns for the sector, particularly for food companies, convenience stores (bakeries, grocery stores, etc.) and factories.

Regulations calling for reduced product toxicity

To combat pests and protect their production, professionals in the sector sometimes resort to the use of active substances with insecticidal properties, the use of which is becoming increasingly restricted. Various regulations now govern the marketing and use of biocidal products.  Alternatives to conventional chemicals have since been developed.

SYNERKEM® technology for rural hygiene

Groupe Berkem draws on its extensive experience to develop solutions specifically adapted to the needs of professionals in the field of vector and insect control professionals in the agricultural sector. To provide a concrete response to the ecological, sanitary and regulatory challenges faced daily by manufacturers in the rural hygiene sector, Groupe Berkem offers an innovative technology: SYNERKEM® .

The extract-based SYNERKEM® technology developed by Groupe Berkem helps reducing the content of biocidal active substances by adding a plant-based booster. The efficiency of the product remains equivalent, allowing the manufacturer to accelerate its transition while meeting industry expectations.
Groupe Berkem’s R&D teams make their expertise available to help manufacturers develop vector and pest control solutions.

Public hygiene: fighting viruses and bacteria

Specialized in the formulation of biocidal solutions, Groupe Berkem, a chemical manufacturer, brings all its expertise and know-how into the creation of professional disinfection products.
The concentrated K’Désinfectant from Groupe Berkem is a solution used for the easy disinfection of surfaces and equipment. With its bactericidal (EN1276), fungicidal (EN1650) and virucidal (EN14476) action, it eliminates the risk of contamination. This product is designed for professionals and can be used in a variety of industries. Among them: residential care home, kitchens, food industry, nurseries and schools.

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