To restore a healthy building, it is essential to consider a curative treatment to protect the damaged structure over the long term.  Preventive treatment can also be carried out to anticipate the onset of these biological pathologies.

XILIX® solutions: preventive and/or curative protection for wood and wood products

XILIX® is dedicated to the protection and treatment of wood and other materials. These preventive and curative solutions are designed for professionals for the renovation and maintenance of wood coverings. They are effective against biological agents that attack wood , such as wood-boring insects (beetles, lyctus and capricorn beetles), fungi and termites. Also, to complete its wood protection range, Groupe Berkem has developed a wood fire retardant to protect structures from fire.

Wood protection: bio-based formulation and plant innovation

This sector faces ecological, health and demographic challenges that need to be anticipated in order to offer effective, responsible and sustainable solutions. To meet this major challenge, Groupe Berkem is making available the know-how of its R&D laboratory and its expertise in plants to formulate innovative, unique and high-performance solutions specifically adapted to this business sector.

Formulation based on biobased raw materials

Groupe Berkem formulates wood protection solutions using raw materials derived from biomass. Biomass is material of biological origin, either wholly or partly composed of plants, trees, algae (…) and which has not been integrated into geological and/or fossilized formations. Substituting fossil raw materials with renewable ones is a challenge for the years to come.

Solutions biosourcées

Plant innovation

As a player in plant-based chemistry, Groupe Berkem has also developed SYNERKEM® technology. Unique, it represents an innovative response to environmental and health challenges, since it significantly reduces the content of conventional active substances in chemical formulas, while maintaining product efficacy.

Inspired by innovation and nature, Groupe Berkem develops solutions to support treatment professionals in their transition from conventional to plant-based chemistry. Thanks to its mastery of regulatory aspects, its ongoing commitment to developing plant-based chemistry and its recognized know-how in formulation, Groupe Berkem is developing its existing products into innovative, more environmentally-friendly wood preservation solutions.

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