Groupe Berkem, a plant-based chemical manufacturer and specialist in pest control, puts all its know-how in the formulation of solutions that are both effective and more respectful of the environment, thanks to its cutting-edge SYNERKEM® technology.

Wood protection: anti-termite treatments

There are several ways to protect wood against termites. The preventive pest control consists in treating the wood prior to construction. The curative pest control aims to eliminate termites that attack timber.

Pre-construction termite control

The TERMIFILM® range, developed by Groupe Berkem, provides effective, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly preventive solutions against termites. Some products in the anti-termite range for preventive treatment are formulated with SYNERKEM® technology. It acts as a plant-based booster reducing the quantity of biocidal insecticide active substances while maintaining equivalent product efficacy.

After-construction termite control

NOVATERM® is an innovative anti-termite bait system. Boxes containing bait are positioned around the building and activated by a PCO. This activation links the boxes together, enabling real-time monitoring of termite activity. SYNERKEM® technology’s plant-based booster, combined with the growth inhibitor contained in the baits, ensure effective, localized termite elimination.

Through XILIX® range, Groupe Berkem has perfected a formula for treating buildings against subterranean termites. XILIX® TERMISOL BS treats both floors and masonry, generating a double protective barrier that increases its effectiveness and reduces the risk of resistance phenomena.

Present at every stage of the construction process, Groupe Berkem offers solutions for both preventive and curative termite treatment. Aware of the environmental challenges, SYNERKEM® technology helps pest control manufacturers make the transition from conventional to plant-based chemistry.

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